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! OGG Splitter Joiner

HiFi OGG Splitter Joiner builds OGG cutter and OGG joiner in one software
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10 November 2006

Editor's review

Do you often require processing your OGG audio files in order to get their best parts separated as clips, and hence looking for some advanced splitter tool for the purpose? Although you might have hopped through a number of websites to get a good one, but complicated features linked with them might holding you back from opting for one. Well, in such a situation you can rely upon the all new !OGG Splitter Joiner 1.10. It’s an expert OGG splitter and joiner tool, using which you can easily split OGG audio files into different clips, and merge them together to form a new file. The program supports batch processing of the OGG files, and split and joins them without sacrificing the audio quality. It further allows generating OGG files with different quality levels, and even integrates an in-built player to help you set the start and end time for audio clips while you listen to them.

The !OGG Splitter Joiner 1.10 application’s appearance is pleasing and the console has been designed decently for user convenience. The program, with Add button lets you load and queue different OGG audio files or entire folder within program interface. From there, you can easily move the file up or down to change the sequence, and even remove a non-required file. It also allows checking the ID3 info or each file, and supports playing it for confirming correct selection and set start and end points. You can separately set the clip’s beginning and end point within each selected file to get desired output. For selecting an action you’re provided the options on the panel below, with names Split, Join, Begin, End, Ok, and Stop. Selecting, for example to Split the files, you’d require setting the beginning and end point for the clip using the player’s timeline bar set the bottom side. Finally click Split button to commence the process, and likewise push Join button to create a new file merging multiple OGG audio files. Moreover you can modify Settings relating the program and the derived output.

!OGG Splitter Joiner allows generating different clips by splitting, and creating a new one by joining several OGG format audio files. The utility has been awarded with 3.5 rating points considering its simple and user-friendly GUI and features, further accompanied by good performance.

Publisher's description

HiFi OGG Splitter Joiner is an easy-using digital audio editor supporting batch OGG files cutter and joiner into one. It can extract the best parts of various ogg files.It can also join the best parts of many ogg files together. No quality is lost.
Supports OGG cutting/joining. split/join directly without costing any other disk space.
ogg Splitter Joiner adopts advanced OGG codec, allows you to generate various qualities of Ogg files. it offers rich options for your special requirements. Support OGG VBR.
There is a small player built in ogg Splitter Joiner and so you set begin-time and end-time just when you listening the song. Supports visually define the time you want to split at by using slider bar.
Looking for a software to split or join your ogg files? Please try ogg splitter Joiner, you won't be disappointed by it.
- split a piece from a big ogg file.
- Merge multiple files or parts of multiple files into one big file.
- split/merge with precision.
- split/join directly without costing any other disk space.
- OGG encoder.
- Support OGG VBR.
- With a small player built in for pre-listening.
- Visually define the time you want to split at by using a slider bar.
- Support edit file name.
- Adopt the files' order by clicking the Up or Down button.
- Batch split.
- Time precision of second.
- Friendly and easy user interface.
- Support ID3 editor. You can edit the title, artist, album, genre, year and comment information of your created files.
! OGG Splitter Joiner
! OGG Splitter Joiner
Version 1.10
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